If you have an emergency you should go directly to Delta Hospital. If you are more than 16 weeks pregnant then you should make your way to the labour ward / Maternity reception on the second floor. Depending on the nature of the problem you can be assessed directly by a member of our midwifery team or they will contact me directly. If you are not pregnant or are in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy then you should go to the emergency department (“Urgences”) situated to the rear of the hospital. You may be seen by the duty doctor who will contact me.

I work closely with 4 or 5 excellent obstetricians / gynaecologists who I know and trust, and who speak English. If I am not available then I arrange for one of these doctors to oversee the care of my patients and he / she will see you in my place. They will communicate with me, for example when I return from holiday, so that I am kept informed.

For less urgent problems, please contact the secretary to see if I would be able to see you at short notice.  You may contact me by email if you wish but due to the large number of emails that I receive this is not a good option if you require a timely response.