CHIREC website

The hospital has an excellent English language website containing relevant information for gynaecology and maternity services. A number of documents are available concerning your your stay on the labour ward and afterwards on the maternity ward.

Antenatal and Baby

Jo Everatt is a Registered Midwife, Registered General Nurse and Lactation Consultant who offers prenatal courses and postnatal support in the Brussels area. With Jo’s substantial knowledge and experience in the field of birth cultures she has designed courses that will inform and equip Anglophone women. Her mission is to educate and prepare you in a way that enables you to achieve your own realistic birth expectations within the Belgian health care environment. Her aim is to ensure that you achieve a good birth experience and an enjoyable time afterwards. Her teachings are based on sound academic knowledge and clinical experience of delivering hundreds of babies in different countries embracing a variety of birth cultures. Good preparation is imperative and she offers this in the form of prenatal courses and breastfeeding workshops.

Jo has a special interest in breastfeeding support and is passionate about offering science based advice and encouragement to those mums who wish to succeed.

Brussels Childbirth Trust

The BCT is well known in the English speaking community in Brussels. It is a not-for-profit organisation that runs prenatal courses and offers postnatal support for Anglophone couples in the Brussels area. It is a valuable source of information for those new to the area.

The village

Belgium is a wonderful place to start a family but the health-care system can be a little confusing and it is easy to feel lost. The Village is a great place to start. It is an excellent site offering extensive information to English-speaking couples from before pregnancy through to family life.

Royal college of obstetricians and gynaecologists (RCOG)

Although I practice in Belgium, most of the information for patients published by the RCOG from the United Kingdom is relevant for your care here in this country. The RCOG’s information leaflets are designed for you and others interested or involved in your care. All the information comes from up-to-date and carefully checked guidance for doctors, but it’s been written in a way that makes it clearer for the non-medical person.